Production for transport and storage technique

The company "Agromech" in Lubianka  was established in year 1975. We manufacture wide range of products for  Transportation and Storage. Our company has designed and produced under series production wide range of products indispensable in workshopsmunicipal enterprises, companies rendering agricultural servicesstoreswarehousesfarmsgardens and also at home. Our products are available for purchase in warehouses and stores across Poland. Agromech offers non-series manufacturing products designed to meet customers requirements and needs. You can order from us unique, individual products and technical production services. We specialize in manufacture of metal and rubber products. The main categories of our products are: hand transportation trolleystrailers,  platforms, storage platformsstorage cabinetsstorage racks,  workshop benches, workshop supports,  rubber products, tires and innertubessmall-sized wheels and castorswaste containers.

  • We accept orders for individual design solutions.
  • Load capacity, size  and color of our products are adapted  to individual Customers requirements.
  • We provide production services.
  • Rubber parts can be made with use of our molds and molds supplied by Customers.
  • Vulcanizing machines of a pressure up to 200t.
  • High aesthetics, functionality and reliability characterized our products.
  • Our company has Quality Management System acc. to ISO standard.


Transportation trolleys 

Platform trolleys, platform trucks, frame trolleys   Auxiliary carts, economic carts, 2-wheel or 4-wheel transporters Sack barrows, trolleys for barrels, welding trolleys, stair trolleys   Shelf trolleys, postal trolleys, carts, 4-wheel racks trolley Trolleys for welding equipment and gases, 3 wheel climbing hand trolley, sack barrows,platform trolleys,welding trolleys Wire sides platform trucks,platform trolleys,frame trolleys  Transportation trolleys, carts for barrels, trolleys for barrels 
Platform trucks Auxiliary carts Sack barrows Shelf trolleys Welding trolleys Wire sides carts For barrels


The main category of AGROMECH products for transportation and storage techniques are trolleys for transportation of: parcelsboxesbarrelscylindersbags and other cargo. We produce:  2-wheel carts4-wheel trolleyssack barrowsstairs climbing trolleysplatform truckspallet rackswire grillage cartsauxiliary cartstrolleys for barrelswelding carts


Rubber products

Sall-sized  pneumatic  tires , innertubes

Our rubber products manufacturing division produces for the purpose of storage techniques  small-sized tires and tubes and complete pneumatic wheels  made  basing on them. A separate category of production are solid wheels.  Pneumatic and solid wheels are  used in castors applied in  our  hand trucks , trailers and storage platforms. Other products of our rubber manufacturing division are: rubber shock absorbers, rubber blades  for instance for snowplows,  various types of flexible connections  and  transport rollers . 


Storage platforms

Pomosty przejezdne, drabiny magazynowe, podesty magazynowe, schody jezdne

Another production category for storage technology are various type storage platforms: movable platformswarehouse ladders , storage  platforms, mobile  stairs




Storage racks, storage cabinets, work benches, supports

Storage racks, cabinets, workshop benches

Another group of Agromech manufacturing destined for  warehouse  equipment  is furniture designed for use in warehousesfactories,  storeslibrariesarchives. There are different types: storage cabinets,  work benchesstorage cabinets, storage racks and workshop supports.




Containers for segregation of waste, bins and racks for bags


AGROMECH produces a wide range of containers for various destination. There are different types of containers for segregation of wastesbins and racks for bags with garbage.




Trailer for internal transportation, hand  trailers, trailers trailed to each other

Another group of assortment in range of storage technology is the production of trailers  for internal transportation  in warehouses plants  and storages. There are different types available: hand trailers which can be used as a one trailer or multiple trailers connected in a train. 




Production services

Production services: regeneration wheels, rubber covering, cutting services, bending of metals, welding services, locksmith services, non-series production

Manufacturing services are separate category  of our offer. Regeneration of wheels,  rubber coating of reels, rubber coating of rollers cutting of metals and alloysbending of metals and alloysgas weldingelectric weldingturning and locksmith services.  Unique, individual products can be produced on  Customers order.


No. 1 in Poland in the production of transport trucks and small-dimension tires   Buying Polish products you support the Polish economy!
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